Compliance & Tax Assist Services

Compliance Words

The AASJ Corporate Consultants team works with all types of financial institutions each day on federal banking compliance matters. We will keep you abreast of the latest regulatory requirements and provide you guidance for ways your institution may comply. Our mission is to be your trusted compliance words, help desk and educator all rolled into one. Our team of experts brings over 30 combined years of compliance expertise to your fingertips.

Tax Assistant Station

Business Tax assistant is designed to meet your business tax compliance needs. Perspectives and skills to give you a seamless service through all the challenges of planning, financial accounting, tax compliance and maintaining effective relationships with the tax authorities. Our talented people, consistent global methodologies and unwavering commitment to quality service give you all you need to build the strong compliance and reporting foundations and sustainable tax strategies that help your business achieve its ambitions.

Our Taxation – Related Services Include:

Assist preparation and submission of salary tax (customs & Excise)

Assist corporate and personal tax.

Assist international tax planning

Assist group Tax planning

Assist tax audits and investigations

Assist taxation aspects of mergers, Acquisitions and Public Listings

Assist director and employee remuneration

Assist tax – efficient benefits in kind

Assist personal tax planning for senior management

Assist indirect taxes

Assist Foundation and trusts account•

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