Out sourcing

We are a One-Stop Business Solution Centre, providing a wide range of services which include accounting, auditing, incorporation of companies, secretarial services, taxation, Payroll services, business consultancy, computerization of your accounting system, internal controls, data entry etc.


We have recently subscribed to an on-line accounting facility know as the “OFF-SITE BOOKKEEPER” which we would like to share with you. This on-line facility operates independently of your staff and, therefore, is subject to no interruptions. The facility ensure that your accounts are processed instantly without having to depend on costly bookkeepers or account clerks at a saving of almost 50% to 70%.

The benefits to your company are numerous and always to your advantage:



a) Firstly, by out-sourcing the accounting function you will be relieved of a significant portion of the work that is tedious but yet that
which has to be done.
b) By out-sourcing the accounting functions you can be assured of receiving the following results on a reliable, accurate and timely basis:
1. Monthly profit & Loss account / Income Statement
2. Monthly Balance Sheet
3. Bank Reconciliations
4. Monthly listing of Debtors
5. Monthly listing of Creditors


Thirdly, as we are an accounting firm we would be constantly monitoring your financial affairs and, therefore, be able to forecast and plan you tax compliance needs. Also, as your financial statements would be current all times, you are able to make important financial decision and take action based on facts.


And finally, and most important, you would be moving towards a system dependant approach and hence you would be able to rely on receiving accurate and reliable management reports and tools on a timely basis.

Professional Accounting Outsource Service

Save up to RM6,000-8,000 per year!!

Why pay more for unqualified account clerk that will RUN AWAY anytime?

No Commitment

MORE FLEXIBILITY to using our services and NO WORRIES about staff resignation and employee’s benefit

Save Time

Peace of mind and concentrate on your business strategy while we do the account for you.


We make sure of your satisfaction with reasonable price offered. We have different packages that will suit your needs.

Our Services

Bookkeeping accounting services – Monthly, Quarterly, Annually

– Our staff comes to your place during working hours to update account or update at our office.
– Make sure your company’s information is confidential and account up to date.

Extra Services

– Tax Planning / Pre-Tax Audit Services
– Company Secretary Services
– Internal Audit
– Payroll (PCB, EPF, SOCSO, Zakat etc.)
– Staff outsource (Full time, Weekly, Freelance, Part time)