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We offer a comprehensive peace of mind service that can handle all of your licenses/permits needs.


If you own or operate licensed premises you would have had to deal with licensing or associated issues.


You will be well aware how stressful and time consuming this can be. What may appear on the surface to be straight forward, can quickly become a mine field of legislation, procedures and red tape.


We have helped numerous clients protect, enhance and/or save their Premises Licence. Furthermore we have taken the stress of dealing with licensing away from owners and managers allowing them more time to focus on their business.


We can deal with the statutory authorities in the appropriate and proficient manner that is paramount to increasing your chances of a positive outcome.


Furthermore we work with a large number of clients on an ongoing basis conducting audits, implementing policies and procedures to ensure that the premises is compliant with licensing laws and promoting the licensing objectives


Our aim is to not only take the stress out of dealing with your licenses/permits but to enable our clients to put corrective measures in place to ensure the smooth running of their business by flagging up issues before they come to the attention of the authorities.


We are committed problem solvers and have many years of experience dealing with a wide range of licenses/permits issues.


Whether you are large or small, have been running your business for a while and want to maximise opportunities, or are new to the trade and want to get off on the right footing, we can help.

Specializing in Permits & Licenses applications

– Ministry of Finance (MOF) license
– Employment Pass / Permits
– Signboard Licenses
– Business Premises Licenses (DBKL)
– Company Income Tax Registration
– Travel Agency
– MSC Applications


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