How to liquidate or wind up a company?
There are two ways of closing down sdn bhd company

Liquidation is important if a business fails due to anything from a lack of visionary management to increasing debts; from almost-zero revenue inflow to rising costs of unnecessary assets. Absence of profit planning and control on the continuity of losses for extended periods also call for liquidation. These can be avoided if the rules are known beforehand. You’ll invest as much as possible into items that can fetch you the cost lest you ever run into it.

Our liquidation crew is dedicated to help business proprietors, control , debtors and creditors to guide them through the liquidation manner with the guarantee of compliance with the statutory requirements .


Our approach is to finish the liquidation of compliance with the statutory requirements Our method is to finish the liquidation manner within the most time green manner and maximize the monetary returns to the stakeholders.

We can assist  on your behalf under the following insolvency appointment.

Pre- liquidation advisory

Members voluntary winding- up

Creditors voluntary winding – up

Winding- up by court

We have specialist team to provide receivership services to the court, lenders and any stakeholders who wish to exercise their rights to protect the affected company’s assets. our role is to act as receiver and to manager to manage or dispose the companies assets and / or business in order to maximize the the recovery to the appointers