Company Secretarial

Business- start up and Formation

In summary, company secretary is responsible for the efficient administration of a company, particularly with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and for ensuring that decisions of the board of directors are implemented.

AASJ have professional specialists who’re well skilled on matters relating to commercial enterprise start-united states and employer facts. We also offer enterprise secretarial offerings to conform with the Malaysian companies Act. we are able to set up any of the following organizations.

Why is company secretary important?

Each corporation registered as a private constrained (Sdn.Bhd.) are required to appointment one employer Secretary. This corporation Secretary (additionally know as corporate Secretary) is not your ordinary staff inside the office. the jobs and obligations of a organization Secretary in Malaysia are described within the Secretary association, with whom licenses are governed and regulated through the company fee of Malaysia.

Here are list of the responsibilities of the company secretary.

Professionalism and competence

Company Formation and Registration

Maintenance of Statutory Registration and Record Books

Ensure the company complies with legislation

Preparation of Resolutions, Organizing Board Meetings of Directors

Instill integrity in the company

Our firm will ensure that the company formation matters shall be executed with accurancy and ina timely manner

Company Secretarial and Compliance

At AASJ Consultants Sdn Bhd, we provide a complete range of corporate secretarial and support services for all types of organizations, small and large, profit and non profit organizations. Our experienced staff specialize in the registrations of companies, provision of trust deeds and searching of corporate structures.



We assist clients by explaining and interpreting clauses within an entity’s constitution and rules, and ensure that members and office holders’ registers are accurately maintained and the Company Commissions of Malaysia (CCM) are updated promptly when changes occur and the annual lodgement requirements with CCM are met. Besides, our team can also help you with accounting and payroll services. We strive to provide value for money services which are flexible and tailored to the particular circumstances and needs of the organizations.

Our principal Services include

Incorporation Of companies

Limited liability Companies

Provision of registered Office address

Provision of Named Company Secretaries in compliance with section 139A of the Companies Act, 1965

Proper maintenance of statutory records under companies Act, 1965

Organising and attending meetings of Directors and share holders

Providing advice and assistance on implementation of corporate actions such as rights issues bonus issues and capital reduction

Providing comprehensive practical support and guidance to directors

Ensuring compliance with requirements of regulatory authorities and companies Act 1965

Provision of Nominee Director to comply with the companies Act 1965

Act as agent of branch offices of Foreign Corporations

Conduct company searches at the companies commision of Malaysia

Registration of representative office and regional office with the ministry of international trade and industry

Differences between Company, Partership & Sole Proprietorship

NAME APPEARANCES “Sdn Bhd” “PLT” (Perkongsian Liabiliti Terhad) Subjected to ROB approval Subjected to ROB approval
PERSONAL LIABILITY Limited liability Limited liability Unlimited liability Unlimited liability
NO. OF SHAREHOLDERS / PARTNERS 1 to 50 shareholders Minimum 2 and no maximum limit 2 to 20 partners Sole proprietor only
STATUTORY AUDIT REQUIREMENT Required to be Audit No Audit required No Audit required No Audit required
ANNUAL SUBMISSION TO SSM Annual Return on the date of Incorporation Annual Declaration N/A N/A
INCOME TAX STATUS / RATE Tax on Company / On the first 500K – 18%(SME) After – 24% Tax on LLP / On the first 500K – 18%(SME) After – 24% Tax on Partners From 0% to 28% Tax on Individual From 0% to 28%
ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES Credibility & more independence

More reliable as the statutory audit are required

Market Perception; Having Sdn Bhd as part of your company’s name may help you attract more contracts

Suitable for business affordable to maintain business with higher operation cost

Public will have access to financial affairs of the company

Suitable for newly start-up business with low entry cost

Not required to disclose financial statements to the public (Statutory audit not required)

Local resident compliance officer is required to setup LLP

Lower Compliance Cost

Suitable for newly start-up business with low entry cost

Not required to disclose financial statements to the public

Suitable for newly start-up business with low entry cost

Not required to disclose financial statements to the public

New Company Registration in Malaysia @ RM 888.00 ONLY
Register Sdn Bhd Company at RM 888.00 only!


Register your new company in Malaysia with SSM and start your business right away!
Our total charge for registering new company (Sdn Bhd) with SSM Malaysia is RM 888.00 only.

Service Package-Sdn Bhd
SSM Incorporate Fee
* Name search application to SSM

* Registration fee paid to SSM Malaysia

* Appointment of 1 or 2 persons as new directors & shareholders

* Issue of ordinary shares (paid-up capital) at min. RM1 or up to max. RM5,000

* Use of office company’s registered address

* Issue of share certificates to 1 or 2 shareholders

* Appointment of 1st company secretaries after registration

* Board resolution for opening local bank accounts (First 2 resolutions free)

* Preparation of minutes for First Board Meeting

* Certified Copied of SuperForm & Notice of Registration

The package include:
Secretarial Retainer Fee – ( 3 months ) + Retainer Fees for Registered Office – ( 3 months )
FEES (RM) 888.00