Internal Audit and Assurance

Audits provide guarantee over facts used by investors and the capital markets. It is a responsibility to the public interest AASJ Internal Audit specialists take very seriously, applying powerful D&A exercises to create higher audit proof and benefit deeper insights, and exploring the position auditors can and have to play by using enticing stakeholders to better apprehend their views thru AASJ‘cost of Audit’ discussion board. AASJ specialists , innovating to higher serve the capital markets and society as an entire.

Our Audit Approach

We achieve the necessary high efficiency and target orientation of our audit in five main phases:

Audit planning and preliminary risk assessment

Assessment of risks and identification of internal controls

Audit of controls and determination of levels of control assurance over processes

Substantive procedures

Processing information and communication

Benefit from your Audit

A dedicated audit team that is accessible anytime.

Access to a team of experienced staff with a mix of skills and relevant industry knowledge.

Internal Audit activities are tailored to your internal audit budget. We discuss your specific needs and agree specific deliverables.

We align risk management and internal audit activities.

Minimal interruption to your operations during the audit

Awareness of any issues as they arise during the audit purposes

Timely preparation of financial statements

Service Lines

Our financial internal audit approach enables us to provide insight into the business processes and controls and financial management of the business of our clients to support their corporate governance. We provide audit services in Malaysia to a variety of clients across various industries.

Our services include:

Key Management Controls

Statutory Financial internal Audits

Financial Reporting

Additions, the terms assurance and warranty are used frequently in the economic industry. Coverage provides monetary insurance for unexpected occasions surrounding an occasion, including fire, robbery, or flooding. Guarantee affords coverage for events so as to occur, consisting of dying. A existence coverage policy, as an example, offers insurance to an character for a certain period of time. If the person dies throughout that particular period, the insurance provider pays the amount of cash agreed upon within the agreement. If the insured individual lives past the desired term, the insurance coverage becomes void, and the issuer isn’t always obligated to make any charge

Experienced People

Providing a service such as an audit means that we are reliant on the skills and abilities of our people to deliver an exceptional result. We have the utmost confidence to provide you with access to:

Friendly, approachable, contactable people with a client focus